Entrance fees

  • visit of the whole museum complex (exhibition halls, memorial house and Stalin’s carriage) accompanied by a guide – 15 GEL
  • visit of Stalin’s personal carriage – 5 GEL
  • visit of the whole museum complex for students – 10 GEL
  • visit of the whole museum complex for schoolchildren – 1 GEL

  • children under 6 – free

visit is free for the following categories of visitors:

  • participants of World War II and equated with them persons
  • members of ICOM and employees of museums of Georgia
  • disabled persons of I and II groups
  • socio-unprotected children
  • persons beyond the boundary of poverty
  • mothers of a large family and unmarried mothers
  • forced migrants and inhabitants of villages bordering on occupied territories
  • journalists
  • military men

    Tips and Rules

  • visitors must keep their tickets until the end of the visit
  • visitors having a right on special or free visit must show a proper paper
  • sold tickets couldn’t be given back
  • leaders of groups are responsible for behaviour of the members of their group
  • touching the displays is prohibited
  • taking photo of the museum building and permanent exhibitions for personal purposes are allowed without flash and tripods
  • photo and video are strictly prohibited at temporary exhibitions
  • photography for commercial purposes is allowed only by the consent of the museum administration if there is a written permission
  • any recording or photos of members of the staff is a subject of prior negotiation with the museum administration.