Rules of taking photo, video and shooting

Instruction on taking photo, video and shooting on the territory of the museum and on using exhibits photocopies keeping in the museum.

Stalin museum invites you to take photo, video and shooting on the territory of the museum, in reserve stocks and on the exposition.

On the ground of agreement with the museum and after settling up according to established rate you can get permission to use photos of our exhibits in books, catalogues, booklets, on postcards, posters, calendars, labels, covers of disks,  web pages and in interiors.

In order to get permission to photography on the territory of the museum and to use photos of exhibits you have to show the following papers:
  • application on the name of the director of the museum;
  • signed or stamped application on the form of organization wishing to make photography
  • application of individuals together with a copy of identity card and indication of address and contact telephone. In application a purpose of using exhibits’ photos must be indicated. In case of using photos in printing publications the edition of these publications must be pointed.
  • for getting permission to make photography on the territory of the museum you should indicate date and time of photography.

An application should be presented to the museum. Photography is allowed at working hours every day.

If you are a journalist or a newspaper photographer and you require to make photography on the territory of the museum or to get information from an employee of the museum, get in touch, please, with the service on contact with the public.

Administration of the museum

    Tips and Rules

  • visitors must keep their tickets until the end of the visit
  • visitors having a right on special or free visit must show a proper paper
  • sold tickets couldn’t be given back
  • leaders of groups are responsible for behaviour of the members of their group
  • touching the displays is prohibited
  • taking photo of the museum building and permanent exhibitions for personal purposes are allowed without flash and tripods
  • photo and video are strictly prohibited at temporary exhibitions
  • photography for commercial purposes is allowed only by the consent of the museum administration if there is a written permission
  • any recording or photos of members of the staff is a subject of prior negotiation with the museum administration.