Mama dear!
How are you?
Be healthy, don’t permit sadness to your heart. They say, you know: “While I am alive I’ll gladden my violet, when I’ll die – grave worms will be glad.”
This women is my wife. Try not to give her any trouble.
Your Soso

Mama, how are you?
You didn’t write for a long time.
Maybe you’re annoyed with me. But what to do? I’m so busy. I send you 150 roubles, I can’t send more. If you need more, tell me how much.
My kind regards to friends of mine.
Live for many years.
Your Soso.

Greetings mother dear!
O got your letter. It’s nice that you don’t forget us. It is my fault that I didn’t write to you, but what to do? I was very busy and I had no time for letters.
Take care of your health. Tell me if you are need of something. Nadya will send you your medicine.
I feel well.
Live thousand years.
Your Soso

Greetings mother dear!
I got the jam, the ginger and the churhcheli (Georgian candy). The children are very pleased and send you their thanks. I am well, so don’t worry about me. I can endure my destine. I don’t know whether or not you need money. I’m sending you 500 roubles just in case. I’m sending also photograph of me and the children/
Keep well dear mother and keep your spirits up. A kiss.
Your son Soso.
P.S. The children bow to you. After Nadya’s death my private life has been very hard, but a brave man must always be brave.

Greetings mother dear!
I know you aren’t feel well. You should not be afraid of disease, keep your chin up! Everything comes to its close.
I send my children to your home. Kiss them. Thery are good children. If I’ll be able, I’ll also come to see you.
I feel well. Keep well. A kiss.
Your Soso.

 Regards to my mother!
How do you live, how do you feel? They say you are healthy and vigorous. Is it true? Glad your health is good. Evidently our clan is strong. I am healthy.
My children also feel well. I wish you health.
Live for many years, mother dear.
Your Soso

Greetings mother dear!
I send you a shawl, a jacket and your medicines. At first show these medicines to doctor and then take them, because only a doctor can prescribe a dose.
Live for thousand years.
I feel well.
Your Soso
May, 1937
P.S. The children bow to you.